Special knitting for special people…

Our 1st grandbaby is due in June.  It might sound silly, but I am almost more excited by this baby than I was by my own 2.  It looks like this will be a little GIRL.  I raised boys.  I love them and I made things for them, but the sheer volume of options for a girl boggles the mind.

I have started by modifying a Ravelry favorite.  Helena started as a cardi but is now a long sleepgown

Ihave also learned a new technique.  I have started an Entrelac blanket.  I am very pleased, both with the blanket and the technique.



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2 responses to “Special knitting for special people…

  1. i think it’s so clever how you turned a cardigan into a sleepgown!

    As you know, i have a niece and little baby girls are just lovely and so wonderful to knit for. Not long to go now for you! Well, a little while, but she’ll be here soon enough!

  2. there really is a lot more choices for girl knitting. she will be a very spoiled little girl!

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