How hard could it be?

Today has been very hard.  While my MS has been classified as ‘mild’, there are days when even rolling over in bed hurts.  When you add the usual spring allergy symptoms to the MS symptoms and top it off with the symptoms of depression things can seem overwhelming.  And just because I understand all of these things doesn’t mean they are lessened.

I have things I NEED to do, things I SHOULD do and things I WANT to do.  Sometimes they are the same things and sometimes very different things.  Sometimes I NEED to do dishes, and WANT to do dishes.  That doesn’t mean the dishes will get done.

I have several knitting projects I WANT to work on.  I need more yarn for the Entrelac blanket.  I have 2 pair of sox suffering from second sock syndrome. I have 3 baby sweaters I want to start.  I have a test knit started for someone else.  So much to do, so little energy.  



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2 responses to “How hard could it be?

  1. there is never time for all the things i want to make. i have given up on making queues in ravelry, its too frustrating! sorry to hear you are unwell, i hope you let the dishes stay just where they are!

  2. bearse

    I love that colour brown… you inspired my next version of that vest. 🙂 Thanks again for the test knitting. Your comments were very helpful.

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