I twiddle threads.  I have been known to macrame, crochet doilies,  do needlepoint and x-stitch, and crewel work.  I sew and do machine embroidery.  I have not tried spinning or weaving.  While I am intrigued by spinning, my yarn stash is already quite large.  The equipment required for weaving would take up more space than I have available.

Weaving would use a lot of the various threads and yarns I already have on hand.  I have seen some beautiful woven pieces. I would love to have the skills to create similar things.

But, as with so many things, it boils down to money.  Money invested in sewing machines (yes I have more than 1).  Money invested in books, patterns, yarns, threads and fabric.  Money invested in knitting needles. crochet hooks, and various sewing tools.

I have the added problem that I have not been able to work for a couple of years.  When I got my nursing degree in 1992 we thought I would have 20-25 years of financial productivity.  That obviously is not going as planned.

There should be a way to use all my twiddling experience and skills to generate an income.  I don’t know what that is today, maybe I will know tomorrow.  Or the tomorrow after that.



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2 responses to “twiddles

  1. Bells

    I hear you. I often feel the same.

  2. if you find what it is, do let us know. i wish there was no such thing as work in the modern sense and we were just at home growing our vegies and making our own clothes.

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