You want to do WHAT!!??!

I have way too many interests.  Besides all the fiber/textile things I do I want to learn more about computer programing, furniture making and woodworking, welding and metal art, and cooking.  I want to have a garden.  I want to raise dogs and alpacas.

The problem is the scope of the projects I want to tackle.  I want to design and build a wall unit for my living room that will house my yarn and knitting books.  I want to build a sewing station for my dedicated sewing room.  I have knitting and crochet ideas I want to write patterns for.  I want some welded sculptures for arbors and garden art. I want to write the Great American Novel.  I want…..

Where to start!  I get tired just thinking about it.

The first thing I think, must be cleaning out my sewing room.  I have fabric from the 1970’s in there.  Can anyone say polyester leisure suit?  I’m sure I will never use some of this and maybe someone else can.  I have craft magazines from the same era and after going through some of them I know there are only a few patterns or ideas I want to keep.

Once the purging is done I can organize some “kits” for baby clothes and things I had planned for my own wardrobe.

I have all but eliminated daytime TV from my life, but I must start doing things other than knitting during the daylight hours.  I often think of things in the evening or at night, but don’t start them then because they might keep the hub awake. (Or worse wake him from a sound sleep.)

One of the effects of mentioning these things here is much like a dieter making a weight goal public–people will be watching.  And hopefully commenting.  The community out there is powerful, with good ideas and encouragement.  I think I am ready to  start!!!


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  1. oh so many ideas, so little time. but starting with a spring clean sounds like a good way to start!

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