I can’t believe I have slept away the last 2 days.  I had planned to do things.  I had knitting to work on .  My house is a mess (please don’t tell anyone)  and the cupboards are bare.

The reasons for a lengthy sleep are pretty boring.  My allergies were acting up, the MS was acting up, my hub was acting up.  Pick one, pick them all.   It doesn’t really matter.   The result is 2 more days of my life are GONE.

Life has gone on without me.  Now I have to catch up.  I have email to sort.  I have snail mail to sort, dishes to wash, laundry waiting and food to tend to.  The floors have collected another dog’s worth of hair.

But not all is drudgery.  I have blogs to read!  Other peoples lives and ideas to catch up on.  I can’t wait….see you later!



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  1. you have been quiet lately! i hope the hibernation has helped recharge the batteries at least. look forward to hearing more from you soon!

  2. doing great! Not long to go now huh?

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