Tesla Babbage is in the house!!

She has finally arrived.  She is beautiful. She is healthy.  She is my first granddaughter.Her parents have not had much sleep since before she arrived.  The labor was much longer than anticipated.  So they are tired,  but the both just beam when they look at her.Her grandfather is pleased as punch.  He handles her like a pro.  (He always was good with babies)  He will spoil her rotten.Somehow we got home without a picture of her with her daddy.  Of course the very first picture taken of her is in his arms.  I am sure there will be many more opportunities to catch him with her.  I didn’t even scream when they caught me in the frame.I just can’t get enough of her face.

In other news, (yes there is other news)  my sewing room is almost empty. and the carpet comes out next.  We have the vinyl ready to go in and different furniture that should make the room easier to use.

I have many projects in mind, so it will be nice to be able to get to the materials.  All in all there is still much work to do.



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4 responses to “Tesla Babbage is in the house!!

  1. she’s unspeakably lovely. I feel like she’s been so highly anticipated for so long and it’s so great she’s finally here. You’ll be a very happy and loving grandmother, I’m sure.

  2. so great to hear shes arrived well and safe, and mum and dad are doing great. cant wait to see what you knit for her! congratulations.

  3. Jan

    She is indeed beautiful and from experience I can tell you grandchildren are a delight.

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