On attitude

Tesla has attitude.  Here she gives her father what he calls “the stink eye”

I have yet to get a pic that shows both Tesla and her father.  I will work on that.

I find I have ‘attitude’ about certain things.  For one, I hate being told what to do.  Many people dislike this, but I find myself not doing some things merely because someone told me to do it.  I know I miss out on some truly enjoyable experiences, but I don’t seem to be able to control myself.

I also have ‘attitude’ about MS.  I have been doing fairly well lately, but I hate doing my injections.  I know the medication is supposed to slow the progression of the disease, but that doesn’t mean the injections are easier to remember.  I’m working on new ways to remind myself without making myself resentful.

I hate when I can’t do things.  I was supposed to go to a family funeral last Thursday.  Before I left I had a fall.  There were no major injuries, but I hurt all over and didn’t  feel up to the drive.  I regret not being able to show my respect for my aunt, and support my cousins.  I know they would all be supporting, but that does not make it feel any better.  I am working on being more accepting of my limitations.

I really try to maintain a positive ‘attitude’ about life and all its pitfalls but sometimes it is really hard.

(I have been knitting, but right now it is all secret!)



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3 responses to “On attitude

  1. ha! Love that little face! Positive attitudes are hard. I went through IVF and all the injections, though necessary, were often multiple times a day and incredibly irritating and easy to resent. I don’t know how to maintain a positive attitude really. I just know that at some point, staying constantly angry or miserable is unpleasant and something to try and avoid. It’s hard though.

  2. what a great photo! a little attitude is a good thing, and its important to maintain the rage i think, and not take things for granted. for me, this year, a positive attitude has required a concsious effort and gratitude for what i do have, relative to where i have been in my life previously. but i dont have to struggle with a debilitating physical illness. the elbow was (and is still) a reminder of how much harder life is for people with physical incapacities, and an admiration for how they cope. but when all else fails, there is the knitting!

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