More birthdays

Thursday was H’s birthday.  As a new mother, her days have been absorbed by Tesla.  I was determined to make sure her birthday gift was something that was all for her.  From hub and me she received a gift certificate for a pedicure and new pair of hand knitted socks.  Of course, since we are in the middle of summer, she won’t get to use the socks right away.  The pedicure will be a wonderful treat for someone who is just recently able to reach her feet.  It is amazing what pregnancy interferes with. And I forgot to take pictures of the socks I made.

It is going to be fun having a cluster of summer birthdays.  My sons were born in November and it always seemed like we had a party from Halloween until New Year’s Day.  Then we got a break until Valentine’s and hub’s birthday a week later.   My birthday was all alone the last day of July.  Now I get to share with Tesla and H.

One of my gifts was this adorable photo of Tesla and her foot prints at 1 month.  She will probably want to shoot her parents when she’s older, but I love it.

On other news,  the new floor is in my crafts room and the furniture and fabric go in this week.

I’m looking forward to being able to find the zipper for Tesla’s sock monkey outfit.  It won’t fit for a while, but her mom wanted it for Halloween.It even has a tail!


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