Family additions

We got puppies.  I may have mentioned I was looking for a puppy.This is our new little girl.  Her white collar goes across the whole back of her neck.

Here is our little boy.  He has pink on either side of his nose, and only a patch of white on the back of his neck

I know some say they will keep each other busy.  Others say it is double trouble.  I don’t know.  It is too early to say.

I had picked him and was holding him, talking to him.  I was pretty sure I wanted a male and he was the better of the two in the litter.  His brother was very timid.  This guy was very attentive and interested.  I really fell for his face and his curiosity.

Then while I was sitting there on the grass she came and laid down against me.

She put her head in my lap and just looked at me as if to say “I’m going too, right?”  She passed the cradle test and was very interested in my voice.

What a quandary!!!  I hadn’t planned on getting a pup today!  I didn’t have a kennel with me.  I hadn’t told hub to prepare.  We hadn’t baby-proofed an area.  And it was 400 miles from home.  I couldn’t just come back tomorrow.

I couldn’t choose which pup!  So of course I found a box and they both came home with me!

Their mama is very sweet, and I hear dad is too.   They do well together, and Lucy doesn’t seem to be upset in the least.  She sniffs, and lays down.  They sniff her and walk away.

We will see how things progress.  In the meantime, they are napping in the bathroom.  



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4 responses to “Family additions

  1. drk

    oh lordy, they are just too cute! i think they will both good for each other and be double trouble, and those BC smarts are going to keep you on your toes. i think its a good idea to have two at once, but good luck with that puppy proofing! enjoy xx

  2. Oh they are just too cute! I’m not surprised that you had to take them both home, they’re adorable. I hope they’re as angelic as they look!

  3. So glad you stopped by my blog, so I could find yours! These puppies are adorable. Growing up, I had a border collie mix who looked very similar to these two. Have fun with them, I’m sure they will bring you many smiles.


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