Ike and Tina

After several discussions that included Fred and Ethel, Elvis and Marilyn, Oreo and Cookie we decided that Ike and Tina FIT!

This is Ike.  He has a large white spot on the back of his neck.  He also wears a blue collar!! Doesn’t that make things easy?

This is Tina.  She has white most of the way around her neck and she wears a red collar.  Isn’t she clever?

They both like the big orange ball, especially since they saw me play with it.  They think anything I like (or wear) is pretty neat!

They are quiet at night now, and they love to run around outside after they have been fed.  They immediately take care of personal business and then they PLAY!

So far they have not discovered that I twiddle threads.  This project has remained safe.

This is a test knit for KnitQuest.

They have also not found this pair of merino/cashmere socks.

They went to the vet for the first time, and got their first shot, free samples and TOOTHBRUSHES!  Of course I get to teach them what that’s all about. (And after spending over $1000 on Lucy’s teeth I WILL)

So I have been busier than planned for the last week!



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3 responses to “Ike and Tina

  1. sooo cute! love the video! i see some tug ropes and other destructo toys in their immediate future. im sure they will bring you lots of joy.

  2. Susan G. Rives-Denight

    LUV LUV LUV the names – just perfect for Border Collies!!! so happy everything’s settling in well…. i will let Jeri know… they only have dial-up internet so she can’t get on here….

  3. Oh, they are tooooo cute! I love their names, and can definitely see why you couldn’t leave either of them behind!

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