Kids just wanna have fun…

The pups are keeping me on my toes.  I have to keep them from getting bored without wearing myself out.  That can be a hard balance to achieve.  Sometimes they keep each other busy.  Ike will be chewing on his kong and Tina will come up and grab the tip of his tail. Then she will pull him five feet across the yard, before he decides enough is enough.  Then he chases her around the trees and through the ivy.

The little things like learning to come when called by name, and potty training are happening.  They are not acquainted with the pet door yet, so the potty training depends on me.  When I can’t be paying close attention they are in a play yard in the family room.  They are going to be indoor/outdoor dogs but they are not quite ready to make it outdoors on their own.  I will be glad not to have to pick up wee pads though! ;^D

I’m back to the sleeves on my test knit for KnitQuest.  Other test knitters have had to tink quite a bit so  I hope to learn from their experiences.  This IS a fun knit, but it has taken much longer than anticipated, partly due to the xxl size I’m knitting.  I’m still in love with the yarn, but it is a lot of PURPLE !

My sewing/crafts room is coming along.  I can actually do things in there now.

My library is fairly extensive, but it is getting sorted and organized.  The books dedicated to just knitting are moving into the living room with a lot of the yarn.  That is where I usually knit so it seemed logical.  The Ikea shelves I received for my birthday help tremendously in there.



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2 responses to “Kids just wanna have fun…

  1. oh my goodness look at your amazing tidy crafting space!! that is so impressive! and those puppies. oh too cute for words. it is the job og the BC to keep you on your toes you know!

  2. I’m a bit behind on the puppy love but I adore the names and I think they are cute as buttons!

    And your sewing room? ! Oh my. I want.

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