Another finished object!

Another pair of socks is done.  I really love the feel of these.  They are in the colorway ‘Odd Duck’  from Kitchen Sink Dyeworks.  The yarn is a blend of merino, cashmere and nylon called ‘Luxe Merino Fine’ and it is so soft!!!  I will block them tomorrow.

I haven’t decided whether they are for someone else, or if I’m keeping them.

I’m getting ready to make some diaper covers for Tesla.  Her Mom is making some to fit now,  I will make the next size up.  We took Tesla fabric shopping and out to lunch last week.  We are trying to train her right.  Of course we were so busy visiting and shopping that no pictures got taken.  I need to practice my multi-tasking!

The pups are growing very rapidly.  It seems their feet have doubled in size in three weeks.They are very attentive at times. Tina is listening to me talk to her.

Ike is more laid back, usually.  But he is the one who found some yarn in a project bag and offered to play tug-of-war with Tina.  He also looks at me like a naughty pup when I ask him what he has been up to!

They do have toys of their own, but they seem to prefer mine.



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2 responses to “Another finished object!

  1. hmm a certain black and white pup here found balls of chunky yarn especially good fun. i couldnt be cross, he was too cute. that look on tina’s face would melt anyones heart!

  2. Ike & Tina are really cute! I didn’t grow up with dogs, but they have definitely grown on me in the past several years. So cute!

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