Smarter than you think

Puppies can show some amazing signs of intelligence! Ike and Tina are putting to use a lot of the toys that Jethro only used for a short period of time.  There’s the nylon teething ring that Jethro only looked at.  These youngsters use it for tug-of-war!  Kongs stuffed with treats keep them busy for 1/2 an hour.

But the puzzle cube!!!!!

The first time they made a treat fall out…oh my, weren’t they clever!  They had the world by the tail!  Of course if one notices something, the other has to have a nose in.  

They have also figured out the dog door works both ways!  It is a little harder to go out than to come in, but they’ve got it down.  When they get too rowdy I can say ‘take it outside’ and they head out the dog door!  Of course they only make one lap running around the yard before they come back in, but they know what I expect them to do!

They are exhausting, but they are so loving and so much fun!!!



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4 responses to “Smarter than you think

  1. thank god for kings and bustercubes. a certain puppy here managed to get the centre piece out of our cube and chewed that as well. sigh. its a little freaky how smart the BC is, even as a puppy. designed to keep us on our toes, i think!

  2. Susan G. Rives-Denight

    i know i pushed 2 on you a bit….but oh so wonderful and the right decision ultimately…. what a riot!!! and BCs are sooooooooooooooooooo intelligent! xoxoxo

    • I didn’t feel pushed in the slightest. One would have been too much for Lucy, she can ignore the pair. Even Tom has mentioned 2 was a good idea. I love them to pieces. The vet even took pics for her web site!
      They are housebreaking quickly, and learning to climb on the furniture and hide shoes and….
      I am tired, but it is a good tired.

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