Double the fun!

It is official.  Getting two pups was a good idea.  There is no way that I could keep one pup as busy as the second pup can.  They wear each other out!!!  They wear me out, too.  But it is a pleasant fatigue.They are learning very quickly which toys are theirs and which are MINE!  So far the substitution game is working fairly well.  They are also learning how to put their toys away at night.  I don’t know how long that will last, but it is fun for now.

On the down side, Ike does like yarn by itself and made into things.I found him with this,And one of my favorite afghans mysteriously travels to the floor when I leave the room!  😉

The dogs have also taken over some of the furniture!  We have three tables with a low shelf that the pups feel make perfect dens.  After several days of conflict, and in the spirit of picking our battles, we have removed anything we value from these bottom shelves.  This is how they are now being used.

Knitting has been occurring, but no pictures at present. they will be here soon!



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4 responses to “Double the fun!

  1. Susan G. Rives-Denight

    just tooooo stinkin’ CUTE!!!! love the photo of the pup on shelf!!! xoxoxoxoxooxo

  2. man they’re adorable! I think two makes great sense – like two kids are sometimes easier than one. But the yarn obsession is worrying!

  3. Oh goodness. That bottom picture has to be one of the cutest puppy pictures ever!

  4. Two puppies at the same time were a blessing for us too! for that very reason.

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