Stitches and more stitches

I have been working on several projects lately.  One project is completed, a pair of socks for an undisclosed family member. The green of this yarn is so cheerful.

It is too bad I don’t know how to correct the color the camera sees. 😉

One other pair of socks is in yarn I got as a Christmas gift last year.  The colors really remind me of the vineyards where I was a teen.

Again my photographic skills are lacking.

This yarn is going to be something for me.

This is from KSD and I just love it.

One of the other projects is a hat using Jared Flood’s Habitat pattern in KnitPicks Swish.

Again the color isn’t true, but the stitches are great.  It is a fun fast knit.

One of the main problems I have had with my knitting lately (besides having more ideas than time or energy) is how difficult it is to knit with a lap full of puppy.  They are getting big and heavy. They entertain me as much as each other.


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2 responses to “Stitches and more stitches

  1. Yay, socks!!

    Pretty yarn. Can’t wait to see what you make next.

  2. a lap full of puppy or kid, I reckon they’re both difficult!! Such cute puppies. Such lovely knitting!

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