Fall has arrived…

Fall really has arrived here at the Babbage patch.  The apples are falling off the trees and the blue jays are knocking down the rest.  We had a beautiful red-headed woodpecker out there this morning.  Even the puppies enjoy the apples.  I feel guilty that the trees haven’t been pruned for several years.  We would probably have better fruit if the trees were better cared for.

Knitting has been progressing well.  I have finished a couple pairs of socks and have another pair on the needles.

This pair is for me.  The yarn is from KSD, and is a merino/bamboo/nylon sock blend.  It is very soft with a soft bloom.  I’m curious to see what it will do when washed.

I completed the sock monkey suit for Tesla.

Her parents have promised lots of photos.

I finally found the other hank of yarn to finish Flint. I had been test knitting this wonderful sweater and misplaced the yarn in the midst of reorganizing.  It is so purple that it really is hard to lose, but lose it I did!

The pups have been keeping me busy. Ike decided to see what made ‘his’ pillow fluffy.

He then took a nap because exploration into textiles is hard work.  But the fact that it is flat does not take away its cuddle properties.

In other news Tina will be starting school next month.  She will then come home and teach Ike her new tricks.

and in case you missed it here is there newest video



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4 responses to “Fall has arrived…

  1. Susan G. Rives-Denight

    Too bad Jeri doesn’t have email…..she would for sure ROTFL! She asked Charlie how they were doing and i filled him in….they are really starting to look like Border Collies now…i’m envious but hey – we’ve got 4-going-on-6 horses so can’t really complain!!! xoxoxo

  2. Just hopped over from PDXKnitterati. That purple yarn looks beautiful. What a great project.

  3. Your socks are beautiful. The sock monkey is a COSTUME?????? How hysterical. From the looks of the photo, it is going to be fantastic. Be sure you post photos.

    And, last but not least, those puppies are pure trouble. I remember the day I came home from work to find my 2 seven month old Great Dane puppies had eaten the couch and love seat. Yep, no cushions, no arms, no backs, no skirts. The only thing left were the frames. But, for some reason, you gasp, take photos, then laugh. Afterall, they are our newest kids.

  4. Domestic Divas has a #5 next to it? I must be Crazy?

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