Tina lives here, too

A lot of my post have plenty of pictures of Ike.  Most of that is that he is more mellow and is still more often. Then we have Tina, the athletic, the beautiful, the BRAT!  Tina really is my troublemaker.  As I wrote that last sentence, I had to stop to respond to a crash in the kitchen.  My fault, I know. I left the platter with the leftover pot roast on the counter.  Tina knocked the whole thing on the floor. Fortunately the way things landed on the platter it was salvageable. I want to know, is she reading my mind and knowing I’m writing about her?

The pups went to the vet for more shots a week ago.  They get weighed every time they go in.  Tina now weighs 21 lbs. and is beautiful.  She started obedience classes and is doing pretty well, even though she is the youngest dog in the group.  I must admit I have never taken a dog to obedience class before.  Usually I have only one pup at a time and they are with me 24/7.  With two pups, they spend more time with each other and it is harder to get them to pay attention.  It is working, but work is the operative word.  The other issue I didn’t give enough weight to was my stamina.  Jethro  was a pup 14 years ago and while I was probably starting to have symptoms from the MS, my energy levels were much higher than now.

Tina doesn’t care about any of that.  She just wants loving, on her terms.  She really is much more delicate than her brother, and is much more impish as well.

I am NOT cooking Thanksgiving Dinner this year.  While it is a job I enjoy, we have been invited to join our older son and his family at H’s mother’s.  Here it is  Sunday, and I don’t have any idea what to take.

Other than knitting, of course.  I have a pair of pants for Tesla.The colorway is ‘Froggie’  from KSD.

And a pair of socks in ‘Iris’.

These match the dress

There are other things on the needles that I can’t show right now.




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5 responses to “Tina lives here, too

  1. Susan G. Rives-Denight

    what a sweet face!!! how could anyone not love her – crashcrashcrash!!! LOL….. i think obedience school is practical with border collies – they are soooooo smart and need that kind of training – and “homework”… i’m so happy for you… Happy Thanksgiving… and as far as what to bring – think “home bought”…. giggle… xoxoxoxoxxo

  2. such a cute little girl, i can see just how she works! it is hard work but it really is worth it having a well trained dog, they are happier for it as well. i hope you have a great thanksgiving, where ever you are. if there is one american tradition i would like to see here, it would be that one (would gladly trade for halloween!)

  3. Ah, the quiet ones who just want to be loved; they make life just a little bit easier, don’t they… The trick is to not take them for granted with the others taking up so much time and attention. Enjoy her and love her as she deserves!
    – – – –

  4. I wish you luck with the pups. I have enough animals to deal with I don’t think my small house could take two puppies( picturing cartoon house with the walls crashing down lots of dust and rubble).

  5. Oh, her face is JUST like Clara’s, and I never knew Clara as a puppy. I wish I had, and this shows me what it would have been like….. SO CUTE!

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