What a difference six

What a difference six months makes.  When Ike and Tina joined us I knew they would grow, of course. I had no idea just how beautiful they would become.

Tina weighed about 5 pounds when she joined us. She is now a beautiful young lady at 30 pounds. She has such a regal bearing, it is hard to realize she is such a brat 😉  Tina is the one who climbs on cars…

I’m glad it is an older car. Hub isn’t pleased, but he’s not ready to kill her! (yet!)

Then we have Ike! He, too, was about five pounds we he came home. He is now over 40 pounds and all muscle.

Ike must be part hound dog, with that hangdog look. He always seems so pitiful 🙂 But he is so cuddly and sweet.

This one is all about the dogs. The next post will be the knitting.


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5 responses to “What a difference six

  1. Love hearing the updates on Ike and Tina. They have grown into beautiful youngsters.
    Anxious to see what you have been knitting.

  2. Zoe

    Awww, the baby photos are adorable! And what fine adults they have become. The car is pretty funny though, what a brat!

  3. i know it sounds naive but I’m really amazed at their growth in that time. I guess it’s been a long time since I was around puppies! they are both beautiful!

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