It has been a year!!!

Whe I started this one year ago, I had no idea where it would lead. I was posting for myself and not sure anyone else would be interested. It was a pleasant surprise to find out others cared what I had to say.

It took a whole month for these buds that I mentioned on February 18th

to blossom into these blooms on March 18th.

The whole month of March was cool and wet.  We had one day without measurable rain. Our soil is mostly clay so everything is a muddy mess.

Tina is spending a lot of days looking out the window.

She has figured out she can jump the front fence and visit the dogs across the road. As it is a very busy road, this is unacceptable behavior and she is only allowed outside on leash until the problem is solved. That means their play inside is rowdier but we are coping.

I will have pictures as soon as I get a new cord for my camera. There will be pictures of knitting then as well.  The cord died on March 18th and I still haven’t replaced it. Soon, I promise!


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4 responses to “It has been a year!!!

  1. wow it’s a lovely green where you are we still have christmas white. My camera has decided to be a diva. It works when it wants too. I didn’t tell Diva that a replacement is on the way.

  2. drk

    time flies when you’re having fun doesnt it! its been raining like that here too and i have three stir crazy muddy beasts as well. aaagh!

    • Lucy is quite content to stay in, to the point of being difficult to convince that bathroom duties belong outside. She is really starting to show her 14 years. But the pups really like the rain. I just don’t like the mud!

  3. Congrats on your first year!! Well done!

    God it’s lovely to see bulbs coming up. It’s the best time of year in my opinion. they’re such a wonderful welcome after winter!

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