When we moved into this house in 1990, I was still in nursing school, the boys were in high school, and hub worked 15 miles away.

We had lofty goals for this place. I wanted several garden areas, vegetables, herbs, flowers. We did that on a limited basis but school and kids place quite a demand on energy. Hub built his shop and has been adding improvements as we go along. We completely remodeled the kitchen and bath room, new septic system, new roof, skylights, carpet and paint inside and out. We hired contractors for the big stuff, but did a lot of the tear-out and prep work ourselves.

Somewhere in there I started working full-time. I was still able to be very involved in the house and yard, but was starting to run down fast. I was becoming more heat-intolerant and more clumsy.

I started having tremors and spasms in my hands and feet, but I still hadn’t put it together. Then, after seeing a Dr for a different problem, I fell in the parking lot and fractured my elbow.

A month later I was in surgery for the same elbow that wasn’t healing. I’m still thinking ‘we’ll get this taken care of and I will be back to work’ Ha ha ha!

I’m stuck at home with my arm all wrapped up, staring at all my projects. That was when I was starting to realize that some of my goals would not be met, unless I won the lottery and could pay someone else to do things.


To be continued…

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