Musings on Christmas Eve

I’ve written dozens of blog posts over the last few months. That’s the good news. The bad news is that they were all in my head.

I will compose a post at midnight, while I am knitting, thinking I will write it out the next day. But then life happens and another week has passed.

This has been the year for dealing with health issues. While there have been no major changes, I have had lots of annoying things that have required medication or other attention. Just when I start feeling nearly normal, something else crops up.

Through it all, I got to spend some very nice time with my granddaughter, Tesla. She is so wonderful! We sing and giggle and carry on like two-year-olds. Oh, right. She is a two-year-old.

Tesla's birthday party

Tesla’s birthday party


She loves cuddles and books and people.

The dogs also keep me busy and happy. The were born the same week as Tesla, but two-year-old Border Collies are very different than two-year-old little girls. They can be very mellow, or all wound up. Most of all, they are very loving.

005 Ike Nose

While they spend quite a lot of time inside with me, they love to run the whole two acres.

I haven’t done a lot of sewing the last few months, but the knitting needles are rarely idle. The biggest problem there is that I forget to take pictures for the blog or Ravelry before they go to their new homes. There have been several pairs of socks, some hats, things for Tesla and the new baby.

Did I not mention the new baby? Tesla’s new baby ‘bother’ (brother) was born this afternoon at 2:10.  The planned home birth didn’t get to happen, and he was perfectly content to stay inside. So after much discussion and consultation, a c-section happened.


He is here, he is healthy, and he is Zaius Charles Babbage! We hope he lives up to his name!

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One response to “Musings on Christmas Eve

  1. Sweet grandkids!
    I’ve written a lot of posts in my head the past couple weeks, too. Just not quite getting it out there.
    Happy new year!

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