See! I said it wouldn’t be long!

So this shoulder stuff is for the birds! I am right handed. My right shoulder is what hurts. Just about every activity I want to do or need to do requires my right arm to be functional. Yes, I am whining. Many people are much worse off. BUT I HAD PLANS!

There will be no pictures today. My camera is in a place I can’t reach with my left hand.  I can’t even draw a picture for you.

What I am able to do is slowly sort my stuff and rearrange my nests. Most people have only one space in their house where they nest. Everything needed for whatever activity is performed in that area is within reach. Since my shoulder injury, I have knocked over and spilled trays of beads, containers of chain in progress, tools and I don’t even know what else. Of course the stuff is between and under pieces of furniture. I can’t even vacuum there until I have salvaged the things I need. There I go, whining again.

So far November and December have been full of doctors. I get new glasses in a few days. Then my MS doctor wants me to have another MRI. The doctor taking care of my shoulder wants an MRI.. If the insurance company would hurry up and approve the shoulder one, I could have it all done at once. But that would probably seem too sensible to someone. They will probably ask me to make the fifty-mile round trip twice in one week.. One of the big problems with MS is the fatigue, and those trips really exhaust me

The other thing I am still able to do is knt. I had better get back to it!


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