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When we moved into this house in 1990, I was still in nursing school, the boys were in high school, and hub worked 15 miles away.

We had lofty goals for this place. I wanted several garden areas, vegetables, herbs, flowers. We did that on a limited basis but school and kids place quite a demand on energy. Hub built his shop and has been adding improvements as we go along. We completely remodeled the kitchen and bath room, new septic system, new roof, skylights, carpet and paint inside and out. We hired contractors for the big stuff, but did a lot of the tear-out and prep work ourselves.

Somewhere in there I started working full-time. I was still able to be very involved in the house and yard, but was starting to run down fast. I was becoming more heat-intolerant and more clumsy.

I started having tremors and spasms in my hands and feet, but I still hadn’t put it together. Then, after seeing a Dr for a different problem, I fell in the parking lot and fractured my elbow.

A month later I was in surgery for the same elbow that wasn’t healing. I’m still thinking ‘we’ll get this taken care of and I will be back to work’ Ha ha ha!

I’m stuck at home with my arm all wrapped up, staring at all my projects. That was when I was starting to realize that some of my goals would not be met, unless I won the lottery and could pay someone else to do things.


To be continued…


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I try

I try to post, but life keeps getting in the way. While that is no excuse, (I know plenty of bloggers post through floods and hurricanes) it is what it is.

We attended Tesla’s first birthday party at her other grandmother’s house. People were fun, food was good and the baby was ADORABLE! She doesn’t crawl, she uses one leg to scoot her bum over to where she wants to be. So funny to watch. She had her very own cake.

And she often has a serious look on her face. She does smile and laugh, but when she is pondering the world…

Then I saved my energy for Sock Summit 2011. That was held here in Portland over the weekend of my 59th birthday. I met so many wonderful people. I attended a few classes and learned a lot! I also got thoroughly exhausted. At least the weather was nice and I didn’t melt. (I also bought more yarn, but don’t tell anybody).

August was all about the house. Since the MS troubles got worse a couple of years ago, the housework has gotten away from me. I did what I could, and then I called a local service and they came in and did a deep clean. The kitchen and baths sparkle. The rest of the house is better. They will be back to do the carpets and some other things I need done.

Through it all, I have been knitting. There was a pair of socks for Tesla.

And a pair for me.

I am also working on a baby sweater

And a shawl!


I’ve finally realized that life doesn’t slow down when you get older, it whizzes by, and if you aren’t careful you can miss a lot!



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No knitting here today

You may or may not remember that I had a virus a while back.  Well either it is back with a vengeance, or I have a new one.  You know the drill; runny nose, sore throat, body aches, sleep problems.  I just want to curl up and be pampered.  But this is real life. It’s just not going to happen.  For one thing, Hub doesn’t feel any better than I do.  And, as he is very quick to remind me, HE still goes to work everyday.

I haven’t been able to convince him that sometimes it is better to just hide and let your body work at getting over what ever bug you are dealing with.  I don’t even try to talk to him about the poor etiquette involved in sharing said bug.

The puppies seem to know what I’m talking about.  I was cold.  I was curled up with an old crocheted afghan.  Tina joined me.  WARM!

I spent the morning reading other people’s blogs and twitter feeds.

I did NOT wash dishes!

I did NOT do laundry!

I did NOT clean the very dirty, puppy-slimed floors!

I sat.  It is now almost time for hub to come home from spreading  his version of this virus, and still I sit.  I think I will open a can of soup for dinner 😉 !

I did go outside for a while today.  There has been digging going on.  The pups come in with muddy feet and noses.  I needed to investigate.

They are digging to CHINA!!!!

Each hole is 12 to 18 inches deep!  They are in a cluster in the side yard.

I know these are the holes the pups have dug.

Then there are these.

These are mounds left by some other enterprising mammal.  Maybe the pups aren’t trying to dig to China after all.  I have not seen these other mammals (and they really must be mammals, right?) but it could be that Ike and Tina smell them and hear them and just want to play!

While I was out I discover that we also have fungi.

There are several clusters all around the house.  I picked this one to dry because it was huge and pretty.

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Tina lives here, too

A lot of my post have plenty of pictures of Ike.  Most of that is that he is more mellow and is still more often. Then we have Tina, the athletic, the beautiful, the BRAT!  Tina really is my troublemaker.  As I wrote that last sentence, I had to stop to respond to a crash in the kitchen.  My fault, I know. I left the platter with the leftover pot roast on the counter.  Tina knocked the whole thing on the floor. Fortunately the way things landed on the platter it was salvageable. I want to know, is she reading my mind and knowing I’m writing about her?

The pups went to the vet for more shots a week ago.  They get weighed every time they go in.  Tina now weighs 21 lbs. and is beautiful.  She started obedience classes and is doing pretty well, even though she is the youngest dog in the group.  I must admit I have never taken a dog to obedience class before.  Usually I have only one pup at a time and they are with me 24/7.  With two pups, they spend more time with each other and it is harder to get them to pay attention.  It is working, but work is the operative word.  The other issue I didn’t give enough weight to was my stamina.  Jethro  was a pup 14 years ago and while I was probably starting to have symptoms from the MS, my energy levels were much higher than now.

Tina doesn’t care about any of that.  She just wants loving, on her terms.  She really is much more delicate than her brother, and is much more impish as well.

I am NOT cooking Thanksgiving Dinner this year.  While it is a job I enjoy, we have been invited to join our older son and his family at H’s mother’s.  Here it is  Sunday, and I don’t have any idea what to take.

Other than knitting, of course.  I have a pair of pants for Tesla.The colorway is ‘Froggie’  from KSD.

And a pair of socks in ‘Iris’.

These match the dress

There are other things on the needles that I can’t show right now.



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