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February 5, 2012 · 8:01 pm

Hello, My name is…

My name is Jeanie, and I am a procrastinator. For the last six to eight weeks I have THOUGHT about blog posts, but obviously have not written and posted one. We have had a lot going on at the place hub calls ‘Rancho Babbage’.

There was a cougar siting.

I was in the family room, and saw this creature through the window. I grabbed my camera and shot some pictures through the window, but since he was not in a hurry to leave, I went outside and shot some more. It wasn’t as foolhardy as it sounds as there was a fence and a creek between us. I just wasn’t sure anyone would believe me without pictures!

We celebrated the boys’ birthdays the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Younger son brought remote control cars to play with.

Granddaughter showed off her walking skills.

She has almost outgrown the sweater I made for her!

We put in a driveway from the house to the barn. Next comes more fencing.

We got ready for Christmas with a small tree

I didn’t get too carried away with decorating this year.








And there was the injured Ike. Tina had broken a casserole dish she was trying to take outside. She carried pieces out instead. Ike stepped on a large piece and slashed his toe. Trying to keep his dressing clean and dry has been a real challenge in our rainy part of the world.


And of course there has been knitting.

There was a dress for Tesla…



And gifts for her parents that I never photographed.

There was the hat that she seems to love. She has put it on by herself most everyday since she got it. It is Cat Bordhi’s ‘Anemone Hat’. There were several gift items that I never managed to get pictures of before they went away. Other than that, life has been pretty routine around here. It is nice that life is fairly calm as I really could use a quiet time!


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Saying Good-bye to Lucy

Lucy joined our family in 2001. She was a stray, hanging around the shop where hub worked. But there was a big problem. The company was moving, and soon. A lot of the employees had been feeding her and no one wanted to abandon her. So she spent time with several different households, but for one reason or another she was denied a forever home.

When hub talked about a trial at our house, I insisted that she be given a fair chance. I found out that at all the other homes she had only had a night or two. I told hub that she got a month to prove to our resident dogs that she would fit. At the time, we had Scruffy and Jethro. Scruffy was a 10 pound wonder of mixed breed, who was about 13 years old. Jethro was a Rottweiler/ German Shepard mix at about 4 years old. He weighed about 90 pounds and Scruffy had raised him from a pup. They got along very well, and we weren’t sure how a middle sized adult dog would fit in. But we shouldn’t have worried. After a few days, it was hard to remember a time without Lucy.

Fast forward to 2010, and Lucy is the only dog in the house.  Scruffy had lived to be 18, and Jethro had made it to 13. When we got Lucy, the vet had estimated her age at 4 to 5 years old, so she was about 14 and showing it. She also seemed lonely without Jethro. So that summer we were going to get her a puppy. It had worked for Scruffy, after all. Plus I knew it would be easier on me if I already had a dog in the house when Lucy’s time came.  So entered Ike and Tina.

And Lucy helped teach them good puppy manners. Although she was getting slow and grumpy, she handled the pups very well.

She also started taking meds for her aches and pains and seemed to be doing fine.

But now the pain meds aren’t working, and Lucy is crying a lot. She wakes up yelping when she moves, and has a lot of trouble going outside. She’s not eating much, and just seems miserable. Hub insists that it is time. I guess I agree, because she doesn’t seem to have good days any more. We are down to good minutes. But it is hard to say good-bye…



October 25, 2011 · 11:41 am

I try

I try to post, but life keeps getting in the way. While that is no excuse, (I know plenty of bloggers post through floods and hurricanes) it is what it is.

We attended Tesla’s first birthday party at her other grandmother’s house. People were fun, food was good and the baby was ADORABLE! She doesn’t crawl, she uses one leg to scoot her bum over to where she wants to be. So funny to watch. She had her very own cake.

And she often has a serious look on her face. She does smile and laugh, but when she is pondering the world…

Then I saved my energy for Sock Summit 2011. That was held here in Portland over the weekend of my 59th birthday. I met so many wonderful people. I attended a few classes and learned a lot! I also got thoroughly exhausted. At least the weather was nice and I didn’t melt. (I also bought more yarn, but don’t tell anybody).

August was all about the house. Since the MS troubles got worse a couple of years ago, the housework has gotten away from me. I did what I could, and then I called a local service and they came in and did a deep clean. The kitchen and baths sparkle. The rest of the house is better. They will be back to do the carpets and some other things I need done.

Through it all, I have been knitting. There was a pair of socks for Tesla.

And a pair for me.

I am also working on a baby sweater

And a shawl!


I’ve finally realized that life doesn’t slow down when you get older, it whizzes by, and if you aren’t careful you can miss a lot!



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Time flies when…

I know it has been quite a while. I promised myself that this was not going to be the place where I whine. Since that’s all I wanted to do for a few months, I have been quiet.
But now I’m back!
What I was afraid might be more MS problems turned out to be a bulging disc in my neck. I’m not sure how that will work out. The problem with my eyes might be glaucoma. More testing is scheduled. We will see.
Now for the good news. Tesla will have her 1st birthday tomorrow.

C and H have been able to take her to work with them and all has been working well so far.
The pups are also a year old. They still keep us very busy.

In June I went to Arizona for the first time. I attended a family reunion, and saw people I hadn’t seen in 40-50 years. I also met many for the first time.  Despite the 100° F temperatures a good time was had by all. I didn’t even get sunburned!

There were many who couldn’t attend. I look forward to meeting them at the next reunion.

At the end of this month is another large gathering. This time it is Sock Summit 2011. Knitters from all over will be descending on Portland Oregon for classes, lectures and just plain fun. Oh, and YARN! Vendors from all over will be here. I have been saving my pennies.


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It has been a year!!!

Whe I started this one year ago, I had no idea where it would lead. I was posting for myself and not sure anyone else would be interested. It was a pleasant surprise to find out others cared what I had to say.

It took a whole month for these buds that I mentioned on February 18th

to blossom into these blooms on March 18th.

The whole month of March was cool and wet.  We had one day without measurable rain. Our soil is mostly clay so everything is a muddy mess.

Tina is spending a lot of days looking out the window.

She has figured out she can jump the front fence and visit the dogs across the road. As it is a very busy road, this is unacceptable behavior and she is only allowed outside on leash until the problem is solved. That means their play inside is rowdier but we are coping.

I will have pictures as soon as I get a new cord for my camera. There will be pictures of knitting then as well.  The cord died on March 18th and I still haven’t replaced it. Soon, I promise!


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What a difference six

What a difference six months makes.  When Ike and Tina joined us I knew they would grow, of course. I had no idea just how beautiful they would become.

Tina weighed about 5 pounds when she joined us. She is now a beautiful young lady at 30 pounds. She has such a regal bearing, it is hard to realize she is such a brat 😉  Tina is the one who climbs on cars…

I’m glad it is an older car. Hub isn’t pleased, but he’s not ready to kill her! (yet!)

Then we have Ike! He, too, was about five pounds we he came home. He is now over 40 pounds and all muscle.

Ike must be part hound dog, with that hangdog look. He always seems so pitiful 🙂 But he is so cuddly and sweet.

This one is all about the dogs. The next post will be the knitting.


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