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Hello, My name is…

My name is Jeanie, and I am a procrastinator. For the last six to eight weeks I have THOUGHT about blog posts, but obviously have not written and posted one. We have had a lot going on at the place hub calls ‘Rancho Babbage’.

There was a cougar siting.

I was in the family room, and saw this creature through the window. I grabbed my camera and shot some pictures through the window, but since he was not in a hurry to leave, I went outside and shot some more. It wasn’t as foolhardy as it sounds as there was a fence and a creek between us. I just wasn’t sure anyone would believe me without pictures!

We celebrated the boys’ birthdays the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Younger son brought remote control cars to play with.

Granddaughter showed off her walking skills.

She has almost outgrown the sweater I made for her!

We put in a driveway from the house to the barn. Next comes more fencing.

We got ready for Christmas with a small tree

I didn’t get too carried away with decorating this year.








And there was the injured Ike. Tina had broken a casserole dish she was trying to take outside. She carried pieces out instead. Ike stepped on a large piece and slashed his toe. Trying to keep his dressing clean and dry has been a real challenge in our rainy part of the world.


And of course there has been knitting.

There was a dress for Tesla…



And gifts for her parents that I never photographed.

There was the hat that she seems to love. She has put it on by herself most everyday since she got it. It is Cat Bordhi’s ‘Anemone Hat’. There were several gift items that I never managed to get pictures of before they went away. Other than that, life has been pretty routine around here. It is nice that life is fairly calm as I really could use a quiet time!



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I try

I try to post, but life keeps getting in the way. While that is no excuse, (I know plenty of bloggers post through floods and hurricanes) it is what it is.

We attended Tesla’s first birthday party at her other grandmother’s house. People were fun, food was good and the baby was ADORABLE! She doesn’t crawl, she uses one leg to scoot her bum over to where she wants to be. So funny to watch. She had her very own cake.

And she often has a serious look on her face. She does smile and laugh, but when she is pondering the world…

Then I saved my energy for Sock Summit 2011. That was held here in Portland over the weekend of my 59th birthday. I met so many wonderful people. I attended a few classes and learned a lot! I also got thoroughly exhausted. At least the weather was nice and I didn’t melt. (I also bought more yarn, but don’t tell anybody).

August was all about the house. Since the MS troubles got worse a couple of years ago, the housework has gotten away from me. I did what I could, and then I called a local service and they came in and did a deep clean. The kitchen and baths sparkle. The rest of the house is better. They will be back to do the carpets and some other things I need done.

Through it all, I have been knitting. There was a pair of socks for Tesla.

And a pair for me.

I am also working on a baby sweater

And a shawl!


I’ve finally realized that life doesn’t slow down when you get older, it whizzes by, and if you aren’t careful you can miss a lot!



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Time flies when…

I know it has been quite a while. I promised myself that this was not going to be the place where I whine. Since that’s all I wanted to do for a few months, I have been quiet.
But now I’m back!
What I was afraid might be more MS problems turned out to be a bulging disc in my neck. I’m not sure how that will work out. The problem with my eyes might be glaucoma. More testing is scheduled. We will see.
Now for the good news. Tesla will have her 1st birthday tomorrow.

C and H have been able to take her to work with them and all has been working well so far.
The pups are also a year old. They still keep us very busy.

In June I went to Arizona for the first time. I attended a family reunion, and saw people I hadn’t seen in 40-50 years. I also met many for the first time.  Despite the 100° F temperatures a good time was had by all. I didn’t even get sunburned!

There were many who couldn’t attend. I look forward to meeting them at the next reunion.

At the end of this month is another large gathering. This time it is Sock Summit 2011. Knitters from all over will be descending on Portland Oregon for classes, lectures and just plain fun. Oh, and YARN! Vendors from all over will be here. I have been saving my pennies.


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Another finished object!

Another pair of socks is done.  I really love the feel of these.  They are in the colorway ‘Odd Duck’  from Kitchen Sink Dyeworks.  The yarn is a blend of merino, cashmere and nylon called ‘Luxe Merino Fine’ and it is so soft!!!  I will block them tomorrow.

I haven’t decided whether they are for someone else, or if I’m keeping them.

I’m getting ready to make some diaper covers for Tesla.  Her Mom is making some to fit now,  I will make the next size up.  We took Tesla fabric shopping and out to lunch last week.  We are trying to train her right.  Of course we were so busy visiting and shopping that no pictures got taken.  I need to practice my multi-tasking!

The pups are growing very rapidly.  It seems their feet have doubled in size in three weeks.They are very attentive at times. Tina is listening to me talk to her.

Ike is more laid back, usually.  But he is the one who found some yarn in a project bag and offered to play tug-of-war with Tina.  He also looks at me like a naughty pup when I ask him what he has been up to!

They do have toys of their own, but they seem to prefer mine.


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More birthdays

Thursday was H’s birthday.  As a new mother, her days have been absorbed by Tesla.  I was determined to make sure her birthday gift was something that was all for her.  From hub and me she received a gift certificate for a pedicure and new pair of hand knitted socks.  Of course, since we are in the middle of summer, she won’t get to use the socks right away.  The pedicure will be a wonderful treat for someone who is just recently able to reach her feet.  It is amazing what pregnancy interferes with. And I forgot to take pictures of the socks I made.

It is going to be fun having a cluster of summer birthdays.  My sons were born in November and it always seemed like we had a party from Halloween until New Year’s Day.  Then we got a break until Valentine’s and hub’s birthday a week later.   My birthday was all alone the last day of July.  Now I get to share with Tesla and H.

One of my gifts was this adorable photo of Tesla and her foot prints at 1 month.  She will probably want to shoot her parents when she’s older, but I love it.

On other news,  the new floor is in my crafts room and the furniture and fabric go in this week.

I’m looking forward to being able to find the zipper for Tesla’s sock monkey outfit.  It won’t fit for a while, but her mom wanted it for Halloween.It even has a tail!

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We all get older.  There is only one other option and I’m not ready for that.  This year we went for a quiet family dinner at a local seafood restaurant.  The food there is always so good that we seldom have room for dessert, so no cake this year.

The newest member of the family, Tesla, garnered most of the attention.  That is fine by me.  Her mother, who celebrates her birthday August 5th didn’t seem to mind, either.

My gifts included a new floor for my crafts room, which got installed this evening, and a large bookcase from Ikea that will house a lot of my yarn stash as well as knitting books.  That will arrive later this week.

The best gift of course was the company of my family.  We don’t see them as often as I would like.

I’ve been sorting through the things that will go back in my crafts room, trying to cut the volume by at least 1/3 to 1/2.  It is hard to part with the polyester scraps from the 1970’s (NOT!)  I am putting together some things to donate and some things just get tossed.

I am also knitting, of course.  Some things I can’t show youuntil they have been given to their new owners.  But I have some swatches for a test knit I am working on for a talented Northwest designer, KnitQuest.  I was going to use a different yarn, but I quite literally tripped over this in my stash.  It was almost like the yarn was yelling “pick ME, pick ME!”

The eggplant color seems softer in the photo.  It really POPS PURPLE in life.

The knit is really fun, and I’m in love with the yarn.  It is a cashmere/merino blend that I am using double to get gauge.  The jewel tone of the yarn and its softness make me wish I had more in other bright colors.  I think maybe a teal and a peacock…   I bought it a year ago at knit and crochet show.

The sample Samantha had was in a beautiful neutral and maybe I’ll go that way next time, but for now …


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C and H are expecting their little girl the end of June.  They have been house hunting and preparing to move.

I have been knitting, sewing and knitting.  H has requested ‘no pink’ which is fine.  There is no solid pink yarn around here.

This little jacket and hat are among the finished items.  The photo doesn’t do the colors justice.  I decided to add a little dress to the set.

There has been a request for a sock monkey hoodie. I’ve tried to find a pattern, but I guess I will have to design my own.  I thought I had some yarn that was right, but after knitting a swatch, I decided it was too scratchy for a baby.

I made this cardi before we knew what the gender was.  I then added flower buttons.  I love the colors in this yarn, and I’m very pleased with how it came out.  It is a larger size so she will have something for later.  There are even pockets for her treasures.

Then there is my very first entrelac project.  A small blanket that was so much fun to make.

The baby shower is today and I can’t decide which to take.  I guess I’ll take them all.


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