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See! I said it wouldn’t be long!

So this shoulder stuff is for the birds! I am right handed. My right shoulder is what hurts. Just about every activity I want to do or need to do requires my right arm to be functional. Yes, I am whining. Many people are much worse off. BUT I HAD PLANS!

There will be no pictures today. My camera is in a place I can’t reach with my left hand.  I can’t even draw a picture for you.

What I am able to do is slowly sort my stuff and rearrange my nests. Most people have only one space in their house where they nest. Everything needed for whatever activity is performed in that area is within reach. Since my shoulder injury, I have knocked over and spilled trays of beads, containers of chain in progress, tools and I don’t even know what else. Of course the stuff is between and under pieces of furniture. I can’t even vacuum there until I have salvaged the things I need. There I go, whining again.

So far November and December have been full of doctors. I get new glasses in a few days. Then my MS doctor wants me to have another MRI. The doctor taking care of my shoulder wants an MRI.. If the insurance company would hurry up and approve the shoulder one, I could have it all done at once. But that would probably seem too sensible to someone. They will probably ask me to make the fifty-mile round trip twice in one week.. One of the big problems with MS is the fatigue, and those trips really exhaust me

The other thing I am still able to do is knt. I had better get back to it!


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Tina lives here, too

A lot of my post have plenty of pictures of Ike.  Most of that is that he is more mellow and is still more often. Then we have Tina, the athletic, the beautiful, the BRAT!  Tina really is my troublemaker.  As I wrote that last sentence, I had to stop to respond to a crash in the kitchen.  My fault, I know. I left the platter with the leftover pot roast on the counter.  Tina knocked the whole thing on the floor. Fortunately the way things landed on the platter it was salvageable. I want to know, is she reading my mind and knowing I’m writing about her?

The pups went to the vet for more shots a week ago.  They get weighed every time they go in.  Tina now weighs 21 lbs. and is beautiful.  She started obedience classes and is doing pretty well, even though she is the youngest dog in the group.  I must admit I have never taken a dog to obedience class before.  Usually I have only one pup at a time and they are with me 24/7.  With two pups, they spend more time with each other and it is harder to get them to pay attention.  It is working, but work is the operative word.  The other issue I didn’t give enough weight to was my stamina.  Jethro  was a pup 14 years ago and while I was probably starting to have symptoms from the MS, my energy levels were much higher than now.

Tina doesn’t care about any of that.  She just wants loving, on her terms.  She really is much more delicate than her brother, and is much more impish as well.

I am NOT cooking Thanksgiving Dinner this year.  While it is a job I enjoy, we have been invited to join our older son and his family at H’s mother’s.  Here it is  Sunday, and I don’t have any idea what to take.

Other than knitting, of course.  I have a pair of pants for Tesla.The colorway is ‘Froggie’  from KSD.

And a pair of socks in ‘Iris’.

These match the dress

There are other things on the needles that I can’t show right now.



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Destashing and simplifying

It is happening. It is slow, but it is happening.  The room that got flooded is being rehabbed. The carpet was pulled. New vinyl has been laid. Paint has been applied.

Here we have some before shots.

The furniture was hard to use in the room.  The carpet smelled bad.

The contents of the room were piled all over and filled the carport.

But things are getting sorted.New furniture was acquired for free.  It is being assembled.  Things are progressing quickly.

I did have help. My MS gets in the way sometimes. I get tired so fast, especially in the heat.  I hired a young lady to help empty the room.  My husband helped with flooring and paint.  Then the young lady came back and helped carry stuff back into the room.  My husband helped with the furniture.

But now I get to sort.  What do I value and know I will use?  What will I give away?  What should just be thrown away?  I know it should have been sorted before it got near the room, but my helpers have no clue what I want.  I didn’t have the stamina to sort it before it came back in.  But I am doing it now.  I am enjoying deciding the best places to put things.

There will be more pictures as the room gets done.

It won’t get completed this week.  On Thursday I am setting out for my 40 year high school reunion.  I attended high school in the same small town as my parents and many of my aunts and uncles.  There were only about 165 kids in my graduating class.  My sons went to schools four times that size.

I’m a little nervous about what I might find, but I am also excited.  I’ll be back when it’s over.  And then I get to continue sorting!


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