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Time flies when…

I know it has been quite a while. I promised myself that this was not going to be the place where I whine. Since that’s all I wanted to do for a few months, I have been quiet.
But now I’m back!
What I was afraid might be more MS problems turned out to be a bulging disc in my neck. I’m not sure how that will work out. The problem with my eyes might be glaucoma. More testing is scheduled. We will see.
Now for the good news. Tesla will have her 1st birthday tomorrow.

C and H have been able to take her to work with them and all has been working well so far.
The pups are also a year old. They still keep us very busy.

In June I went to Arizona for the first time. I attended a family reunion, and saw people I hadn’t seen in 40-50 years. I also met many for the first time.  Despite the 100° F temperatures a good time was had by all. I didn’t even get sunburned!

There were many who couldn’t attend. I look forward to meeting them at the next reunion.

At the end of this month is another large gathering. This time it is Sock Summit 2011. Knitters from all over will be descending on Portland Oregon for classes, lectures and just plain fun. Oh, and YARN! Vendors from all over will be here. I have been saving my pennies.



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Tina lives here, too

A lot of my post have plenty of pictures of Ike.  Most of that is that he is more mellow and is still more often. Then we have Tina, the athletic, the beautiful, the BRAT!  Tina really is my troublemaker.  As I wrote that last sentence, I had to stop to respond to a crash in the kitchen.  My fault, I know. I left the platter with the leftover pot roast on the counter.  Tina knocked the whole thing on the floor. Fortunately the way things landed on the platter it was salvageable. I want to know, is she reading my mind and knowing I’m writing about her?

The pups went to the vet for more shots a week ago.  They get weighed every time they go in.  Tina now weighs 21 lbs. and is beautiful.  She started obedience classes and is doing pretty well, even though she is the youngest dog in the group.  I must admit I have never taken a dog to obedience class before.  Usually I have only one pup at a time and they are with me 24/7.  With two pups, they spend more time with each other and it is harder to get them to pay attention.  It is working, but work is the operative word.  The other issue I didn’t give enough weight to was my stamina.  Jethro  was a pup 14 years ago and while I was probably starting to have symptoms from the MS, my energy levels were much higher than now.

Tina doesn’t care about any of that.  She just wants loving, on her terms.  She really is much more delicate than her brother, and is much more impish as well.

I am NOT cooking Thanksgiving Dinner this year.  While it is a job I enjoy, we have been invited to join our older son and his family at H’s mother’s.  Here it is  Sunday, and I don’t have any idea what to take.

Other than knitting, of course.  I have a pair of pants for Tesla.The colorway is ‘Froggie’  from KSD.

And a pair of socks in ‘Iris’.

These match the dress

There are other things on the needles that I can’t show right now.



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Fall has arrived…

Fall really has arrived here at the Babbage patch.  The apples are falling off the trees and the blue jays are knocking down the rest.  We had a beautiful red-headed woodpecker out there this morning.  Even the puppies enjoy the apples.  I feel guilty that the trees haven’t been pruned for several years.  We would probably have better fruit if the trees were better cared for.

Knitting has been progressing well.  I have finished a couple pairs of socks and have another pair on the needles.

This pair is for me.  The yarn is from KSD, and is a merino/bamboo/nylon sock blend.  It is very soft with a soft bloom.  I’m curious to see what it will do when washed.

I completed the sock monkey suit for Tesla.

Her parents have promised lots of photos.

I finally found the other hank of yarn to finish Flint. I had been test knitting this wonderful sweater and misplaced the yarn in the midst of reorganizing.  It is so purple that it really is hard to lose, but lose it I did!

The pups have been keeping me busy. Ike decided to see what made ‘his’ pillow fluffy.

He then took a nap because exploration into textiles is hard work.  But the fact that it is flat does not take away its cuddle properties.

In other news Tina will be starting school next month.  She will then come home and teach Ike her new tricks.

and in case you missed it here is there newest video


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