I try

I try to post, but life keeps getting in the way. While that is no excuse, (I know plenty of bloggers post through floods and hurricanes) it is what it is.

We attended Tesla’s first birthday party at her other grandmother’s house. People were fun, food was good and the baby was ADORABLE! She doesn’t crawl, she uses one leg to scoot her bum over to where she wants to be. So funny to watch. She had her very own cake.

And she often has a serious look on her face. She does smile and laugh, but when she is pondering the world…

Then I saved my energy for Sock Summit 2011. That was held here in Portland over the weekend of my 59th birthday. I met so many wonderful people. I attended a few classes and learned a lot! I also got thoroughly exhausted. At least the weather was nice and I didn’t melt. (I also bought more yarn, but don’t tell anybody).

August was all about the house. Since the MS troubles got worse a couple of years ago, the housework has gotten away from me. I did what I could, and then I called a local service and they came in and did a deep clean. The kitchen and baths sparkle. The rest of the house is better. They will be back to do the carpets and some other things I need done.

Through it all, I have been knitting. There was a pair of socks for Tesla.

And a pair for me.

I am also working on a baby sweater

And a shawl!


I’ve finally realized that life doesn’t slow down when you get older, it whizzes by, and if you aren’t careful you can miss a lot!




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7 responses to “I try

  1. It sure does whiz past!

    What a cute/solemn baby.

    • She smiles and giggles and has a great belly-laugh, but when she’s thinking something through or is a bit concerned she looks like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders. She is a bit timid around hub, who took the picture.

  2. Happy birthday to Tesla and happy birthday to you! How lucky you are to live in Portland! Sock summit! I am envious!

    • Thank you for the birthday wishes. It is funny that all the guys have winter birthdays and all the girls in the family have summer birthdays!
      I am glad I live here in Portland. But I would very much like to travel to your part of the world.

  3. Zoe

    Aww, I love that serious baby face! And that shawl looks like it’s going to be gorgeous.

  4. oh she’s turned one! Big girl! That year seems to have flown by! I’ve never made socks for Alice. I really should shouldn’t I? Can you write about how you figured out sizing for her?

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